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  Ryan Neilly, Dec 19 2020

Covid fuckin sux. I was in a car on Monday 14th 2020 with a friend for a minute, he hit my vaporizer....

that Night I went DOWN. mid poker session, i went to bed... woke up with the worst fever.... feeling weak, shaky.... kept waking up every few hours.... hallucinating.... seeing memories of what happened wherever i looked throughout the year...

This was a sweaty...... powerless shaky weird feeling I never felt like this in my life b4 and never experienced anything like it.

I'd say it was like a flu without the bathroom symptoms with the worst fever of your life..

Honestly feel I got lucky to overcome it like I did...... I've heard so much worse...

I got to the fridge and drank a 52 oz Tropicana, that really got things going in the right direction.

I didn't smoke any pot during that or eat or drink a thing, covid just put me down and unable to get up or do anything.....
So that went on 14th 15th and on the 16th I woke up happy feeling about 90%..

Today I feel normal.

What a fucking week.

bout 50 other things happened this week too, just explaining what covid is like.......

It worries me if covid gets any stronger it would take down a 40 yr old man quite ez.

I felt like i was 99%/1% the entire battle, my main worry after the experience is i feel if i was around 70, it may have been 60/40ish, and if I was 75-80... or older, def not a 50/50, 75 mb 40/60....

I knew it was going on, but stayed locked in all year, now that it hit me and im in lockdown..... Its fucked and honestly whatever you believe, protect yourselves and be patient.

Not to say I "trust" a vaccine...

Can you get it twice?

what a fuckin year......

GL Bless you all LP

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My NFL Pix - Lets collaborate.
  Ryan Neilly, Sep 25 2020


CLE ML Parlay Piece


Eagles ML

Falcons ML

Best by

Buccanees to cover (bet the house on the bux)

Steelers vs Houston (allin)
Connor ($50 over 50 yards)

Kenyan Drake - Over 50 yards Ari

D Jackson
Miles sanders best RB

godert and Ertz big games

eagles win over bengals by a lot.

CLE is a parlay piece


steelers -4

bucs -5.5

Colts ML


Eagles ML

Falcons on ML

RB Bets

K Drake
J Connor
J Taylor
M Sanders
D Singletary

WR Bets


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New Computer stup (Almost complete!)
  Ryan Neilly, Jul 25 2020

New desk comin Monday and Microphone/Camera and gonna go live on twitch almost everynight.

kinda stoked lovin it

respect to everyone at lp,

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