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The ACR 1m Gntd
  Ryan Neilly, Oct 15 2017

Hey guys, Just found out about the 1 mil ACR MTT.

I don't have any ACR funds or way to get them for a few days.

I can win this tournament.

in my history ive won 1/2 325s, a sunday major, and final tabled the only 2 1ks ive ever played.

Its a +Ev investment for sure.

was thinking if u wanna freeroll me in the cheap 265, 20% me 80% for you, or something along those lines. I know most the time its 15%, I really do have a large edge here though. If I don't ITM I am willing to pay you back the 20%.

i been playing tournies alot again lately

skype me NeillyAA74 or msg me here, lets gamble and win big today.


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Buy My PT4 first :)
  Ryan Neilly, Mar 14 2017


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ACR 4 Bitcoin (My ACR your bitcoin)
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 17 2016

thx lp,


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